Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oval Box Bags Using Aneela Hoey's Tutorial and Pattern

I gasped out loud (gol?) when I saw the adorable tutorial for these Oval Box Bags on Aneela Hoey's website, Comfort Stitching. The pictures take you step by step through the construction, and she includes downloadable templates! Of course, I'm in love with all her fabric. My stash of Sew Stitchy and Cherry Christmas were already dedicated to other projects.

So I dug up some remnants of Michael Miller's Nevermore fabric left over from the quilt my dear husband made. My only grumble was when it came time to hand stitch the opening closed.  Curses. I also learned the hard way not to skimp on instructions. I'm afraid the top is crooked.

After a few weeks, I attempted to make another, and it was a little easier, just as Aneela promised. :)

Ruby Star Shining linen fabric by Melody Miller

Tea Towels with Machine Embroidered Days of the Week

I would love to say I hand embroidered these, but no. I machine embroidered these tea towels as a gift.

They were made using Anita Goodesign's Antique Days of the Week designs from their Vintage collection.

The tea towels are from Aunt Martha. I only ordered 2 packs of 3 towels, and I liked these so much, I had to order another pack to complete the week.

I used Madeira's Aerofil thread for a homespun look. These matte polyester threads are more resilient than the Madeira Rayon I have tried. I'm worried that perhaps my rayon thread is old. It shreds a lot in various needles at slow speed.

I was concerned about how to stabilize the back and what to keep after the designs are finished. 

How do you make them look nice on the back? I experimented with tear-away Floriani No Show Mesh and trimmed it around the design when done. Do you have any other suggestions? I also starched the towels before hooping.

I was not sure where to place the designs. I placed them with the bottom edge of the design several inches from the bottom of the towel, centered horizontally. The entire design was visible on the towel when folded horizontally.

I really like the look of handmade with a machine, but I feel a wee bit guilty.Of course, if anyone asks, I'll be sure to fess up.