Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tea Towels with Machine Embroidered Days of the Week

I would love to say I hand embroidered these, but no. I machine embroidered these tea towels as a gift.

They were made using Anita Goodesign's Antique Days of the Week designs from their Vintage collection.

The tea towels are from Aunt Martha. I only ordered 2 packs of 3 towels, and I liked these so much, I had to order another pack to complete the week.

I used Madeira's Aerofil thread for a homespun look. These matte polyester threads are more resilient than the Madeira Rayon I have tried. I'm worried that perhaps my rayon thread is old. It shreds a lot in various needles at slow speed.

I was concerned about how to stabilize the back and what to keep after the designs are finished. 

How do you make them look nice on the back? I experimented with tear-away Floriani No Show Mesh and trimmed it around the design when done. Do you have any other suggestions? I also starched the towels before hooping.

I was not sure where to place the designs. I placed them with the bottom edge of the design several inches from the bottom of the towel, centered horizontally. The entire design was visible on the towel when folded horizontally.

I really like the look of handmade with a machine, but I feel a wee bit guilty.Of course, if anyone asks, I'll be sure to fess up.