Friday, December 28, 2012

Fabric Fortune Cookie Recipe by Anna Chan of Fabric Fun

Fabric fortune cookies are great to trim trees or packages, stuff stockings, or hand out as party favors.

In 1997, I bought the Fabric Fortune Cookie Recipe by Anna Chan of Fabric Fun of San Francisco. There are many patterns and tutorials online, but I think hers is the best. I found out that her pattern is still available, and now it comes with an acrylic template and a sample fortune cookie.

I have made hundreds over the years, and they are a big hit. I'm not sure what is more fun - using up all my small fabric scraps or discovering interesting quotes to put inside them.

They do not seem to violate anyone's dietary guidelines (and many glues are vegan now). Of course, men seem to enjoy getting them, too.

There are other tutorials online. OLFA recommends using a rotary circle cutter, but you can also make a circle pattern and use a regular rotary cutter or scissors. I found that drawing a freezer paper pattern and ironing it on top of the fabric made cutting it more accurate, especially if you want to fussy cut some prints. You can reuse the same freezer paper many times.

For a special touch, you can purchase Chinese Food Take Out boxes to put them in, or make one out of fabric.

Here are more tutorials with some variations:

Have you made these?