Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby Cowboy Booties

I finished these in November, but I'm just posting about them now. Several friends are expectant mothers, so when I saw this pattern, I just had to try these!

Quilted Baby Cowboy Boot Pattern
by Curby's Closet
I ordered 1/4 yard each of these 3 fabrics, and I messed up right away by not specifying fat quarters. Then, I prewashed the fabric, and it shrunk even more!

I wanted to vary the prints on the sides and bottoms of the boots, but there was not enough to layer for quilting and cut out right side up motifs on the pattern.

 So, I did not mix the fabrics as I had hoped. I just layered the quilt sandwiches with same fabric, so the right side here is on the fold:

I quilted one fabric layer with a decorative stitch:

Michael Miller Yippee Cowboy Retro

For the other two, I tried free-motion quilting around the motifs.
I used Madeira Rayon variegated thread to simulate rope.

Michael Miller Kids Chuckwagon Sky Blue

Pink Pair

Blue Pair

Orange / Yellow / Blue / White Pair

I don't have any pinking shears yet, so I stitched around the tops with a machine applique stitch.

I really wanted to add more fun to these, but I ran out of time, and I wanted to avoid anything that might be a choking hazard.

Next time, I will probably:
  • add bootstraps on the sides, as the pattern suggested
  • use a contrasting fabric on the toe, bottom, and/or inside
  • line the boots after quilting to hide the raw edges inside
  • use pinking shears to finish the top edges, to save time
Any further tips or suggestions on construction are welcome.

Have you made these particular booties? Do you have other baby patterns that you like?
I've got the urge to make all kinds of cute things and no kids of my own!
Can I just skip to being a Grandma?