Monday, February 13, 2012

Cathedral Window Playmat from Moda Bake Shop

I have been admiring Amy Gibson's post for the Cathedral Window Baby Playmat at Moda Bake Shop since before Christmas. I kept going back to it and thinking I must make that for the next baby shower gift!

I managed to find an old layer cake of Lil Rascals by Chloe's Closet for Moda on sale.

I decided to make a playmat for our dog, Edith.

Amy's instructions were super - easy to follow. The circle cutter really sped things up.

Since some of the fabrics have a directional print, I had to be careful about placement of each circle, for where to cut the hole to turn the sandwich right-sides out, and the final layout for connecting the circles.

 After struggling with turning one sandwich right-sides out by hand, I grabbed my handy bodkin and tried that.

Actual Bare Bodkin
 I inserted the bodkin in the cut hole and secured the end to the opposite side of the circle and pulled it inside out.

It worked well and made remaining circles turn inside out through a smaller opening.

My circles looked wonky, but pressing them smoooth did wonders.

I sewed the flaps down with contrasting dark red thread.

This was so much fun, I intend to make more items, like a 3 X 7 circle table runner.

I put it on the floor and Edith finally found it most comfortable under her Daddy's (Dear Husband's) desk. Here's a picture my dear husband took: