Thursday, January 12, 2012

Box Wallet from Keyka Lou Pattern

I ordered the backing fabric for my Terrain quilt top. I decided to go with Kona black solid for the backing. Thanks, Erin, for the suggestion!

While waiting for backing to arrive in the mail, I decided to make a few more items from Keyka Lou Patterns. I snagged a few patterns on sale right before Michelle retired them, and they are so cute! Of course, I'm behind the fashion curve, but I have a lot of catching up to do, so hopefully, this won't be too boring.

Still swooning over my Far Far Away III fat quarters, I decided to use some scraps for a small box wallet to match the Cross-Body Bag.

 I used batting in the flap and plain muslin for the interlining.

I found the 14mm magnetic snaps and decided to try them here. 

 With just a hint of pink in some of these fabrics, I used pink thread in the bobbin and orange in the top.

I've got a free arm machine, but the area to stitch the wallet closed was so small, I just followed the instructions to stitch on the flatbed. This tended to get caught up in the needle threader / dual feed / walking foot area, if you have any of those on your machine. Turning the wallet right-side out seemed like a feat for Houdini. Yikes! I didn't even slipstitch it closed, I just topstitched it shut.

I thought I marked it well - where to put the matching snap - but I put the body snap too far down, and now the wallet will not lie flat.
Next time, I'd move the snap up a little. It does fit a small packet of tissues, but barely.
Thankfully, I'm not selling any of these items. It's an exercise in creativity + patience - stubborn curiosity.
Whatever I don't use myself will be given away or put on the Shelf of Shame.
If you missed out on getting this pattern, be sure to check Michelle's etsy for items made with this pattern plus other patterns available.
They are delightful!